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Life Long Dream to Golf Competitively Realized by Cerebral Palsy Patient

For families whose children suffer from birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, it often seems like a pipe dream to imagine their children one day playing sports, or even excelling at them. Jason Faircloth, 32, is an amateur golfer who is proving that a disability such as cerebral palsy doesn’t mean he can’t achieve his dreams.

The first American golfer to participate in the Disabled British Open, Faircloth’s parents were initially told their son wouldn’t ever walk or talk, let alone swing a golf club. The first years of his life were spent using special equipment that helped to develop his muscles and his love of sports, especially golf.

Where many people may let a disability hold them back, Faircloth did no such thing saying, “A lot of people don’t understand disabilities in general. There’s a stigma that a lot of people have. And it’s time to get rid of it. I’m not letting it hold me back. That’s just not my thing.”

Besides traveling to England with hopes to win, Faircloth is also interested in learning as much as he can about the tournament so he can eventually bring something similar to America.

Jason Faircloth’s story is an inspiration to all families who deal with cerebral palsy, but especially his own father who said, “Jason believes in trying to be someone who can do something for others. And I think he has the maturity now to see how much he can inspire.”

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