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Parents of Brain-Damaged Toddler Seek Answers About Failed Heart Surgery

The parents of a Seattle toddler are still seeking answers about what happened during a failed heart surgery last year at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Injury during catheterization surgery

The boy’s father, Nasir Ali, says his son, Osman, was unnecessarily injured when a large blood vessel tore open in his lungs. The accident happened as doctors tried to expand a narrow valve in Osman’s heart using a balloon catheter. The torn blood vessel resulted in irreparable brain damage. Doctors from Children’s issued a public apology at the time, but reinstated that the operation carried sizeable risks.

“It’s important to understand the complication this child experienced is not an unexpected one,” said Dr. Thomas Jones, director of cardiac-catheterization laboratories at Children’s, in an interview with the Seattle Times.”It happens in about 2 percent of cases.”

View from a medical negligence attorney

Still, as a fellow parent of young children, my heart goes out to Osman and his family. I hope that they eventually get the answers that they’re looking for. As a lawyer specializing in medical malpractice cases, I remain skeptical that they’ll receive completely unbiased and accurate information from Children’s Hospital itself.

As we often discover in many medical malpractice cases, the real reasons behind an incident may remain somewhat of a mystery.  Hospitals are typically slow to investigate mistakes, and it can take years for outside parties to sort through several layers of bureaucratic red tape.

Determining if medical negligence is indeed the culprit

In my opinion, however, pursuing a medical malpractice case with a trusted lawyer – though time-consuming – can help a family cope with mental anguish. It can also help families cope with the exponential medical costs related to their child’s care.  If you feel you might have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit, I would advise you to first consult with a trusted independent physician.  He or she could help you determine whether or not a medical malpractice lawsuit is warranted.

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