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Teenage Boy with Cerebral Palsy Awarded $6.1M Settlement

Families with children who suffer from birth injuries such as cerebral palsy know the emotional and financial toll the disease can have. In England, a 17-year-old name Sean Bryne was recently awarded 3.75M pounds, or 6.1M dollars for a negligent delivery that left Sean with cerebral palsy.

Errors monitoring the fetal heartbeat

Affecting the left side of his body, Sean’s lawyer argued that if doctors had been properly monitoring the fetal heartbeat they would have recognized that an emergency caesarean section was necessary.

During labor, there were signs of abnormal rhythms in the fetal heart rate that the hospital and physicians failed to recognize, allowing a distressed labor to continue for 11 hours. Additionally, there were abnormal CTG traces that doctors did not detect or respond to. The result is Sean suffers from cerebral palsy, but also from epilepsy, which causes him to have frequent fits.

Sean’s mother, Joan Bryne, said it had been a hard fight, but added, “It gives us security for Sean’s future and takes a lot of the pressure and anxiety off us.”

Varying degrees of disability

Cerebral palsy is often caused by premature birth or a botched delivery that left the baby without sufficient oxygen for a prolonged period. The cases range from mild to severe. In Sean’s case he is labeled as a “mild” case and is able to walk, run and play football, but can often fall and hurt himself.

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