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The Power of Encouragement for Cerebral Palsy Patients

Generally when doctors advise people with cerebral palsy on ways to increase their quality of life, they mostly consider medical procedures. Whether it’s a surgery, more physical therapy, or a new piece of equipment, cerebral palsy patients are used to medicalized treatments. While these therapies are very important, there is another form of therapy that can be equally as important: the power of encouragement.

Due to the physical limitations cerebral palsy can inflict on a person, it can become easy to develop feelings of depression or apathy. That is why it is so important to give inspiration, and work to empower family members with cerebral palsy to take control of their life.

There are many ways to encourage cerebral palsy patients to lead independent lives and be able to overcome difficulties in performing everyday tasks. One way is to invest in occupational therapy, which is a type of therapy that focuses on how to perform responsibilities such as loading a dishwasher, or making a phone call. By providing cerebral palsy patients the tools they need to actively participate in a normal daily life, it adds to positive self worth.

Another focus of helping a person with cerebral palsy live a positive life is to teach those around them how to interact without forever treating the person like they are a disease rather than just having a physical disability. It’s important to help those who have daily interactions such as teachers, friends, and parents of friends discover a way to interact normally and positively. This can include taking the person aside after witnessing an awkward or potentially insulting exchange and explaining that it’s important not to stare or shout, and simply to treat the person as they would treat anyone.

It’s always important to be aware of what people are thinking, especially those who have a disability that makes physical activities more difficult. Try the power of positive encouragement as a way of improving cerebral palsy patients’ lives.

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