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Automated therapy device for biomechanical rehabilitation massage and method for use

An automated massage device for biomechanical rehabilitation massage for use on CP patients comprises at least one inflatable bladder with inflation means adapted to provide compressive forces against the body to stimulate smooth muscles in a controlled manner. The device includes a programmable controller that is able to receive instructions on a dynamic prescriptive basis from a professional therapist and then relay these instructions to a care-giver in a home situation. The instructions include the placement of the bladder, the duration of the massage and the sequence of body locations to receive massage therapy. Once the bladder is placed in the required position against the body the device will execute the prescribed massage therapy for that location and then cue the care-giver to move the bladder to the next body location in the prescribed sequence. The prescription is time limited and once expired renders the device inoperable to prevent over application of the massage therapy.

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