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Methods of isolation, expansion and differentiation of fetal stem cells from chorionic villus, amniotic fluid, and placenta and therapeutic uses thereof

The present invention is directed to pluripotent fetal stem cells derived from chorionic villus, amniotic fluid, and placenta and the methods for isolating, expanding and differentiating these cells, and their therapeutic uses such as manipulating the fetal stem cells by gene transfection and other means for therapeutic applications. Alternatively, normal allogeneic fetal stem cells may be transplanted. Diseases other than those associated with cells may also be treated, where the disease is related to the lack of a particular secreted product such as hormone, enzyme, growth factor, or the like. CNS disorders encompass numerous afflictions such as neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), acute brain injury (e.g. stroke, head injury, cerebral palsy) and a large number of CNS dysfunctions.

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