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Stimulation system and method for treating a neurological disorder

According to one aspect, a stimulation system is provided for electrically stimulating a predetermined site to treat a neurological condition. The system includes an electrical stimulation lead adapted for implantation into a subcutaneous area in communication with a predetermined site, wherein the site is neuronal tissue that is associated with C2/C3 dermatome area, or stimulating cervical nerve roots and/or stimulating cranial nerves and/or stimulating any area associated with the occipital area. The stimulation lead includes one or more stimulation electrodes adapted to be positioned in the predetermined site. The system also includes a stimulation source that generates the stimulation pulses for transmission to the one or more stimulation electrodes of the stimulation lead to deliver the stimulation pulses to the predetermined site to treat a neurological disorder or condition. .In certain embodiments, possibly in combination with one or more of the benefits described above, electrical stimulation of the predetermined site may be provided to effectively treat other neurological disorders for example, but not limited to Developmental Disabilities [e.g., Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, etc

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