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Cerebral Palsy Resources

Here are a number of resources related to Cerebral Palsy:

Cerebral Palsy Support Groups

Support groups fill an important role in the lives of both an individual with cerebral palsy and their families. Many people find that sharing experiences with others in the comfort of an organized group to be especially important as they… more »

Birth Injury News & Legal Developments

Sometimes just a short news snippet provides a ray of home for a family seeking more information about a particular birth injury they may be coping with. Other times, a news story provides a source of inspiration in a time… more »

Cerebral Palsy Cases & Verdicts

Cerebral palsy verdicts and settlements frequently receive attention due to the shear size of the award. Many cerebral palsy awards comprise awards based upon past and future: medical expenses, physical therapy, occupational therapy, disability, pain and suffering and even lost… more »

Medical Libraries

In an increasingly Internet focused age, we frequently forget the great resources available at traditional libraries. In addition to the physical facilities, many libraries have opened their virtual doors to people seeking information about cerebral palsy and other medication conditions.… more »

Cerebral Palsy Publications

Written by some of the leading experts in the field of cerebral palsy research, articles published in these Journals and specialized publications are uniquely tailored to very specific issues that arise in the various fields of cerebral palsy research and… more »

Cerebral Palsy Patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office grants property rights to inventors in order to protect their intellectual property. Today, the U.S. Patent Office, maintains a comprehensive website that allows people to search for patents related to specific industries. Under… more »

Cerebral Palsy Internet Resources

The Internet has become the primary place for families seeking information, support and assistance for cerebral palsy. Everyday, the information superhighway becomes a bit more congested with information that promises to provide a host of important information. Below are a… more »

Cerebral Palsy Books

Perhaps considered ‘old fashioned’, books published on different aspects of cerebral palsy provide some of the most comprehensive information on the subject. Further, because most books can be checked out of a library or ordered through an online book seller,… more »

Cerebral Palsy Studies & Dissertations

Given the devastating nature of cerebral palsy both on the individual and their family, considerable resources have been devoted to getting a better understanding of this condition.  Below are recent studies related to specific parts of cerebral palsy completed by… more »

Information for Parents and Families

Too often we forget that cerebral palsy impacts both the affected individual — but also their family. For parents and families caring for a child with cerebral palsy, every aspect of life change to accomodate the needs of the individual.… more »

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Understandably so, the most highly sought after information in the field of cerebral palsy, has to do with treatments. As a condition without a cure, cerebral palsy treatments offer individuals the best opportunity to live a meaningful life with dignity.… more »

Cerebral Palsy Research

Some of the most significant studies in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy have come over the course of the last decade as the medical and scientific communities have recommitted themsevels to understanding the complexities of this medical condition… more »

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