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Jaundice Can Lead to Brain Injury in Children

In Eastern Texas, a doctor and medical center were issued a lawsuit for neglecting to test Tri’Micah and Joy London’s newborn baby for jaundice. Dr. Samantha Chaikin and Premiere Pediatrics allowed the family to leave the facility without noticing that the baby showed many of the familiar symptoms of the condition. Because of inaction and neglect, the Londons’ baby suffered… more »

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral Palsy (“CP”) is a group of non-progressive neurodegenerative disorders.  It is caused by brain abnormalities or injuries usually during birth or shortly after, although symptoms may not be detected until months or years later.  The symptoms and prognosis of CP depend on the specific parts of the brain damaged. There are several different types or forms of cerebral palsy:… more »

What is athetoid cerebral palsy?

Also referred to as, dyskenetic cerebral palsy / choreoathetoid / dystonic cerebral palsy, Children with athetoid cerebral palsy suffer from damage to the basal ganglia.  The damaged basal ganglia commonly manifests symptoms that including involuntary movements that make the child seem restless.  In reality the involuntary movements can make the most basic movements such as: sitting up straight, walking or… more »

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