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What Needs To Be Proved To Succeed In a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

Cerebral palsy affects thousands of children and adults throughout the world. It is one of the most common chronic disorders and has some of the most devastating effects on the individual’s lifestyle. Children are unable to co-ordinate their movements and can have difficulty doing simple acts such as walking by themselves. They may also suffer from sense and perception disabilities, …
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What is the first step towards pursuing a cerebral palsy lawsuit?

Before a cerebral palsy lawsuit can be initiated, the circumstances of the particular case must be carefully evaluated by lawyers and doctors to determine if the negligence of the physician or other medical professional was to blame for your child’s cerebral palsy.

Getting medical records and fetal monitoring strips

Paramount to evaluating cerebral palsy cases, are the medical records.… more »

Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Yields Funds to Provide For The Future Needs Of Child With Cerebral Palsy

The settlement of a Chicagoland medical malpractice lawsuit involving a girl who suffered from complications during the labor and delivery process will provide funding for her medical and non-medical care needs for the rest of her life.

Criticism of obstetrician and hospital staff

The crux of the case centered around how the treating obstetrician and hospital staff at Christ Medical… more »

Cerebral Palsy Malpractice Lawsuit Ends in $13.9M Award

A cerebral palsy malpractice lawsuit was brought to court, ending with a $14 million dollar settlement for an Ohio family.

A difficult delivery

Haley Cobb, now 10-years-old was part of a botched birth delivery that included the use of a vacuum device and contraction inducing drugs. Her family asserts these medical decisions led to her permanent brain damage.

Going forward

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