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Teenage Boy with Cerebral Palsy Awarded $6.1M Settlement

Families with children who suffer from birth injuries such as cerebral palsy know the emotional and financial toll the disease can have. In England, a 17-year-old name Sean Bryne was recently awarded 3.75M pounds, or 6.1M dollars for a negligent delivery that left Sean with cerebral palsy.

Errors monitoring the fetal heartbeat

Affecting the left side of his body, Sean’s… more »

What is placenta previa, and does it pose a risk to baby?

Placenta previa refers to a condition when the placenta is too close to the uterine wall and  partially or totally covers the cervix. The placenta provides oxygen and nutrients to the baby during pregnancy and is attached to the umbilical cord. In addition to providing nutrients, it also removes waste products from the baby’s blood.

Symptoms of placenta previa

Symptoms… more »

What is an umbilical cord prolapse?

An umbilical cord prolapse is where the cord enters the vagina before the baby through the open cervix.  Then, as the baby is delivered, it can put pressure on the cord, cutting off blood flow and oxygen to the fetus. Risk factors include:

  • Long cord length
  • Premature birth
  • Breech (foot-first) position
  • Excess amniotic fluid
Umbilical cord prolapse can create an… more »

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