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Why is umbilical cord compression a concern for the fetus?

Umbilical cord compression is a problem that can occur during labor and delivery involving the cord being under pressure, which causes the baby to receive a reduced amount of blood and nutrients.  If the umbilical cord gets stretched and compressed during labor, it can lead to a decrease of blood to the baby, which results in a drop of the… more »

What is fetal monitoring and why is it relevant do evaluating cerebral palsy cases from a medical – legal perspective?

Electronic fetal monitoring (“EFM”) has helped decrease fetal and neonatal death rates by helping identify fetal distress.  Fetal monitoring is intended to prevent fetal hypoxia when it starts by monitoring the fetus in the womb and identifying signs of fetal distress.

Timing is crucial to responding to fetal distress

Fetal distress refers to an abnormal fetal heart rate pattern that… more »

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