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Recent Study Shows Connection Between Low Birth Vitality Score (APGAR) and Cerebral Palsy

There are many tests associated with birthing in America, one being the assessment of a newborn’s breathing, complexion, muscle tone, pulse rate and reaction when stimulated.

Apgar: A standardized rating system to identify early problems

After birth, all babies are evaluated based on these criteria and given a score from 1-10. It’s called the Apgar score, and researchers have recently… more »

What are the risk factors for a child developing cerebral palsy?

Just as there are particular types of brain damage that cause cerebral palsy, there are also certain medical conditions or events that can happen during pregnancy and delivery that will increase a baby’s risk of being born with cerebral palsy. Research scientists have examined thousands of expectant mothers, followed them through childbirth, and monitored their children’s early neurological development to… more »

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