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$9,600,000 to a child with cerebral palsy, vision loss and profound developmental difficulties

Case: Viele v. Tuomey Regional Medical Center

Plaintiff - Elizabeth Viele
Defendant - Tuomey Regional Medical Center

Court: Trial court of South Caroline

Summary of Facts

Elizabeth Viele brought suit against Tuomey Regional Medical Center, alleging that the cerebral palsy she now suffers from occurred as a result of an untimely delivery. Elizabeth’s heart rate began to slow down during her mother’s contractions but the doctor ordered an increase in Pitocin, a drug that intensifies contractions. The next morning Elizabeth’s hear rate had become flat, and after being delivered through a cesarean section, she needed oxygen to revive her. After she was born she started to have seizures, and a CT scan revealed severe and permanent brain damage. Elizabeth is now 6 years old and is blind, and can only say 6 words. Elizabeth continues to have seizures and cerebral palsy.

Outcome at Trial

The jury found the hospital liable for Elizabeth’s untimely delivery and awarded her $3.7 million in damages.

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