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Families coping with a child who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or other birth injury, adjusting to life can be challenging. A child’s injury at birth can quickly alter life’s course and make the most basic tasks burdensome from a physical, emotional and economic perspective.

Seeking information about the underlying reasons for a child’s birth injury is completely natural. However, given the complexities of the medical / legal field, such answers are rarely straight forward. This website is intended to be a resource to provide you with the information you desire as your child develops.

The Role of an Advocate for Your Child

With an emphasis on the representation of the most vulnerable members of society, Cerebral Palsy LLC regularly represents families who’s children have suffered injured in utero and during the birthing process that has resulted in cerebral palsy, Erb’s Palsy or other types of birth injury.

The underlying reasons why a child has sustained an injury at birth may be complex and demand a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the care during the entire term of the pregnancy. With experience litigating cerebral palsy and other types of birth injury cases, Cerebral Palsy LLC is well seasoned evaluating and litigating complex birth injury cases.

Our experience litigating cerebral palsy cases has allowed us to develop lasting relationships with the leading experts in the fields of obstetrics, neurology and nursing whom we regularly consult with in evaluating cases from a liability perspective. Additionally, we utilize the top names in life-care planning and economics to fully evaluate the needs of our clients and to ensure their needs are provided for throughout their entire life.

Given the degree of damages involved with birth injury cases, many hospitals and doctors vigorously defend these cases to the bitter end. With the experience and resources, Cerebral Palsy LLC is uniquely positioned to litigate complex birth injury cases against any party. Our national reputation as leaders in cerebral palsy litigation results in regular case referrals from other attorneys. Given our experience and relationships with our national network of the top litigators, we can assist every family find the best possible representation for their child— with our firm or from a trusted colleague.

As advocates for disabled children, we firmly believe these innocent victims deserve the most powerful advocates who are willing to go the distance for them to provide them with every benefit the law provides for. In this respect, our goal is to provide the most effective legal representation and secure the best outcome for every client.

If you believe your child’s cerebral palsy or birth injury is related to human error, we invite you to complete the contact form on this page or contact our office directly.

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