Knowledge can be empowering for patients and families of victims with cerebral palsy (CP). The more you know about this common motor disability in children, the more you can help your loved one adjust to and enjoy life with cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy FAQ aims to help parents and people with cerebral palsy learn, explore, and benefit using the latest available information about CP. If you aren’t sure where to start, use this roundup of some of the best articles on Cerebral Palsy FAQ.

“Stories of Hope” Article Category

Start your exploration of cerebral palsy on a positive, uplifting note by perusing our Stories of Hope article category. Here you’ll find several inspiring stories of children and adults who don’t let their disabilities stop them from doing what they want. You’ll find patients with cerebral palsy who have become artists, competitive golfers, water skiers, swimmers, softball players, famous actors and comedians, musicians, and more. These kids pursued their dreams with determination and hard work, and achieved them despite the odds.

A great article to start with is The Power of Encouragement for Cerebral Palsy Patients, which emphasizes the importance of support and love from parents and caregivers during a child’s life. Encouragement for children with cerebral palsy can reduce the risk of anxiety and depression, as well as related complications such as social isolation or suicidal thoughts. As a new parent of a child with cerebral palsy, this article can be a great precursor to more in-depth research about the condition. It can remind you of what’s most important on your child’s journey: positive encouragement every step of the way.

Facts and Infographics About Cerebral Palsy

The main purpose of Cerebral Palsy FAQ is to educate parents and others on this often-misunderstood condition. Start with understanding what cerebral palsy is. Get the basic facts about cerebral palsy, such as what causes CP and some of the most common symptoms parents can look for first. Then, delve deeper into the condition with articles about the frequency of diagnoses, how to prevent cerebral palsy, and what to expect when raising a child with cerebral palsy.

The articles in our “Facts About Cerebral Palsy” category can give you all the information you need about this motor function disability. If you’re interested in what to expect as you grow old with cerebral palsy, you can find this information on our site. The same is true if you’re looking for reliable information about the connection between birth injuries and cerebral palsy. We have numerous articles on how birth injuries can cause cerebral palsy, and what parents can do if they believe someone’s negligence caused their child’s condition. Head to our Birth Injury Legal Developments section for more information.

Cerebral Palsy Treatments

One of the most commonly searched topics is treatments for cerebral pals. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for cerebral palsy. However, treatments can help control symptoms and improve a patient’s quality of life. Read about specific treatments for conditions associated with cerebral palsy, such as epilepsy and incontinence. If you know your child’s related conditions, this article can help you understand how best to treat your child’s symptoms and challenges.

Curious about your child’s future prognosis? Read What Is the Prognosis for a Person Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy? for answers. Speak to your doctor about your child’s specific type and severity of cerebral palsy, as every case is unique. Try not to compare your child’s case to other children’s, as the neurological effects of cerebral palsy can be wide-ranging and impossible to predict. How Long Can My Child Survive With Cerebral Palsy? proves there is no one answer to this question, and that it will depend on the child’s needs and treatment programs.

Current Cerebral Palsy Research and the Future of CP

As you look to the future of raising your child with cerebral palsy, have hope: modern technology and more in-depth research into brain development may lead to better treatments. Cord Blood Treatments Continue to Offer Promise for Treating Cerebral Palsy is one of several articles on Cerebral Palsy FAQ about umbilical cord blood transfusions and similar procedures available for kids with CP.

Life-Changing Spinal Surgery Allows Young Boy With Cerebral Palsy to Walk is an incredible story about a six-year-old boy who participated in a groundbreaking spinal cord operation (selective dorsal rhizotomy). The surgery was a success, and allowed the child to walk using crutches, after being unable to walk for the first six years of his life. The surgery cuts nerves in the spinal cord that cause muscle spasticity. Physicians hope the surgery can help others with CP in the future.

Paying for Cerebral Palsy

Several articles discuss the costs of cerebral palsy and how parents can hope to pay for lifelong medical expenses. Some families may have grounds for medical malpractice lawsuits, which can give parents the money they need to pay for this expensive lifelong condition. Review Cerebral Palsy Cases & Verdicts to see the amazing results other families have received from their suits. Consult with a personal injury lawyer for more financial information.

$3 Million Dollar Settlement Awarded in Birth Injury Lawsuit Against Midwife Acupuncture Therapy Rising in Popularity for Cerebral Palsy Patients Antenatal Causes of Cerebral Palsy and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Investigating Associations Between Inherited Thrombophilia, Cytokine Polymorphisms and Viral Infections Are Black Newborns More Likely to Develop Cerebral Palsy Due to Low Birth Weight? Are Older Mother’s Increasing Their Children’s Risk of Birth Injuries? 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Filming in Delivery Rooms Causes Concerns About Possible Lawsuits Medicaid Cuts Can Affect the Benefits of Cerebral Palsy Patients Methods of Isolation, Expansion and Differentiation of Fetal Stem Cells From Chorionic Villus, Amniotic Fluid, and Placenta and Therapeutic Uses Thereof New Medical Treatment Offers Promise in Preventing Cerebral Palsy at Birth and Improving the Quality of Life for Many New Study Determines Top Three Reasons for Ob/Gyn Liability Cases Parents Launch Investigation Into Child’s Death, Saying Severely Delayed C-Section Was to Blame Parents of Brain-Damaged Toddler Seek Answers About Failed Heart Surgery Pushing Children With Cerebral Palsy too Far Can Result in Serious Accidents With Disabling Injuries Recent Study Shows Connection Between Low Birth Vitality Score (APGAR) and Cerebral Palsy Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Offers Promise for Children With Cerebral Palsy Should You Hire an Attorney to Prosecute a Cerebral Palsy Case? Space-Age Therapy Suit Aids Cerebral Palsy Patients Stand Up Comedian Speaks of Life With Cerebral Palsy Study: “Brain Cooling” After Birth may Reduce Newborns’ Risk of Cerebral Palsy Treatment Options for Patients With Cerebral Palsy are Dependent On Proper Diagnosis From Medical Community Teenage Boy With Cerebral Palsy Awarded $6.1M Settlement The Gift of Music Offers Joy to Young Girl With Cerebral Palsy The Many Shades of Brain Injury The Power of Encouragement for Cerebral Palsy Patients The Trauma Parents Experience When Their Children are Injured at Birth Transplantation of Human Neural Cells for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Conditions Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Infusion Causes Cerebral Palsy Symptoms to Reverse Understanding the Connection Between Meconium and Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy Using Accelerometers to Quantify Infant General Movements as a Tool for Assessing Motility to Assist in Making a Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy What Needs to Be Proved to Succeed in a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit? Will Boy’s CP Treatment Become the New Standard?