Cost of Therapies for Cerebral Palsy Patients Makes Legal Action Necessary

baby footLiving life with cerebral palsy means living life with constant medical and therapy appointments. In order to gain the most mobility and the best quality of life it’s important for children diagnosed with the muscular disorder to start therapy early and go often.

One family living in Britain is speaking out against Great Britain’s plan to cut legal aid. They claim their son’s life would have been unbearable without the therapies afforded them through their legal case.

Birth Complications Allegedly Related to CP

Andrew Green was born in 1997 with cerebral palsy due to birth complications. The family wanted to sue for negligence, but they were told not bother since there was not enough evidence of wrongdoing. Mrs. Green refused to heed the advice to leave it alone, and instead contacted legal aid who provided her with funding for a specialist lawyer.

The case resulted in Andrew and his family winning a seven-figure compensation settlement. The family uses the money to pay for Andrew’s many therapies and medical bills, some of which have been in the hundreds of thousands.

Utilizing Funds to Improve his Daily Life

Mrs. Green says the only reason Andrew’s life is bearable is because the family can now afford to pay for the medical expenses including physical therapy and speech therapy. These therapies help Andrew to lead an easier and happier daily existence.

Children and adults with cerebral palsy face a lifetime of medical expenses for surgeries and hospital stays. Many people with cerebral palsy have several surgeries over the course of their life in order to correct the muscle abnormalities. Although cerebral palsy is thought to involve the brain, it is the muscles that are ultimately affected.

Families who believe their child suffers from cerebral palsy due to negligent care from a physician should pursue a settlement to help pay for a lifetime of medical costs.