Irish Woman Receives $3.6M in Birth Injury Law Suit

23 years after being born during an poorly performed birth delivery, an Irish woman confined to her wheel chair was awarded 2.5M euros, which converts to over $3.6 million dollars.

Lauren Tinney was born in 1988 at the Letterkenny General Hospital. During the birth it was claimed that Lauren suffered from fetal distress and asphyxiation, and was not properly monitored during labor, which caused her cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a birth injury that can occur before, during, or just after birth, and is often caused by medical negligence. In Lauren’s case, she is confined to a wheelchair and cannot walk or stand. Her left hand is useless, and she needs constant care.

The birth injury lawsuit was brought against HSE, Health Service Executive, who agreed to the settlement, but would not admit any liability.