Overcoming the challenges associated with cerebral palsy can be overwhelming, but there are always resources available for everyone who needs them, including information and support groups. These resources can offer information, support and guidance when learning to manage cerebral palsy and its unique challenges

Cerebral Palsy Support Groups

Support groups are a vital part of learning to live with the condition and its effects on both the patient and the rest of the family. People use support groups to talk about the unique issues that accompany the condition and help each other out during difficult times. This list of support groups includes both in-person and online meetings and gatherings.

Birth Injury News & Legal Developments

News stories about birth injury can bring a sense of comfort or companionship to people who feel alone when learning to live with such a difficult situation. Certain news updates can also educate people about similar conditions and legal cases, and how they too may approach these situations. The evolving and changing nature of the law makes it imperative for people to keep up with the latest legal developments involving brain injury.

Cerebral Palsy Cases and Verdicts

Information on legal cases and settlements related to cerebral palsy can inform other people about legal action they can take in cases of malpractice, as well as how these large settlements cover for future years of medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering. These cases are some of the most notable verdicts linked to cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence or malpractice.

Medical Libraries

Medical libraries provide a great wealth of specific information and resources about cerebral palsy and other conditions caused by brain injuries. These medical libraries are often open to the public and are listed and organized by state.

Cerebral Palsy Publications

The articles included in these journals are written by the leading experts in the field of cerebral palsy research. The information contained in these publications addresses and educates on specific issues that are present in the treatment and investigation of cerebral palsy. The publications are organized into specific topics, from treatment and research to unique therapies and topics like orthosis and spasticity.

Cerebral Palsy Patents

This organized list of United States registered patents allows people with cerebral palsy to locate specific products and equipment created for the treatment of the disorder. The list also provides information on the inventors if a person is interested in contacting them directly.

Cerebral Palsy Internet Resources

The internet is overflowing with information and resources that can support, assist, and educate people living with cerebral palsy. Families and individuals also use the internet to connect and help each other. This list includes a sample of cerebral palsy websites with valuable information and support.

Cerebral Palsy Books

Books are more traditional, old-fashioned sources of information that nevertheless contain volumes of detailed and specialized knowledge about cerebral palsy. Books are also accessible to people via libraries and book stores. This list compiles printed information about cerebral palsy treatments, research, and guidance.

Cerebral Palsy Studies & Dissertations

The prevalence and impact of cerebral palsy encourages scientists and physicians to conduct a large number of studies and investigations to understand the disorder better. This compilation of studies and dissertations on cerebral palsy is organized by focus on research, treatments, and parental care. The list also contains resources that lead to present and future studies.

Information for Parents and Families

Cerebral palsy not only affects the individuals with the disorder, but also the families that care for the individual’s list of necessities. This list contains a variety of resources specifically aimed at parents and families of people with cerebral palsy, such as books, internet websites, publications, and studies and dissertations.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Since cerebral palsy is a condition without a cure, treatment is the most important step that people with the disorder and their families can take for an improved life. Information on treatment is the most researched topic within the field of cerebral palsy. This compilation includes several types of resources focused on cerebral palsy treatments, such as publications, studies and research, online sources, and books.

Cerebral Palsy Research

As research focused on the understanding of cerebral palsy evolves and progresses, the scientific and medical communities continue to make important discoveries in the areas of diagnosis and treatment. This collection is composed of some of the most significant studies related to cerebral palsy research. The studies are organized by publication method.

It is important to seek these and other resources covering both the condition’s effects, and its challenges on the individual and their family. Cerebral palsy is not a condition to be faced alone, and the added community and support gained from connecting with others who are going through and experiencing the same issues can be particularly supportive and comforting.