What is Mixed Cerebral Palsy?

woman with childAs the name implies, mixed cerebral palsy is when children with CP have damage to different areas of the brain. Most people with mixed types of cerebral palsy, have damage to the extrapyramidal and pyramidal areas of the brain. The result of damage to different areas of the brain can result in a combination of physical symptoms that are commonly found in children with either: spastic CP, athetoid CP or ataxic CP.

The most commonly encountered form of Mixed CP is a combination of spastic and athetoid movements– accounting for 10% of all mixed cases– but other combinations are also possible. Sadly, while not a common occurrence, some patients with Mixed CP have a combination of all different forms including: ataxic, athetoid and spastic CP.

Due to the multiplicity of symptoms associated with mixed type cerebral palsy, many children with this condition are not diagnosed until after three-years-old.